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Our Linda, our Queen! The first Lakeland which appeared in our family. She made us all fall in love with herself and this breed. Self-sufficient, independent, respectful. True terrier! A dog that has conquered not only us, but also a huge number of experts with her beauty and temperament. And all this is confirmed by her numerous titles.

  • Junior Champion of Russia, Estonia, the National Breed Club;

  • World Champion – 2015, 2017, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, the National Breed Club (3-fold);

  • Champion “Interra 2016”, Best In Show !!!

  • Interchampion;

  • 3x vice champion of Europe;

  • Multiple winner of the “Best in Show”award at mono – and multibreed exhibitions.


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